Thursday, May 11, 2006

A New "Big" On the Block

Credit to the Caifornia legislature. It is only their flirtation with all things cutting edge that makes this sentence possible:

California lawmakers are considering legislation to reduce emissions from indoor air purifiers.

Oh it's true. If you own an air purifier, you might consider one of these. No data yet on the effects of second hand ozone, but do we really need any? Come on! Duh!

Sorry all you purity addicts. I don't have to put up with your filthy air anymore. You can just take that ionic breezy disgusting thing outside. And while we're at it, exactly what is Big Clean Air up to anyway? They collect their sweaty fear money and poison our children for our troubles. We could sue on principle, and demand as much money as will make it hurt.

If taking the profits for ourselves is the only way they will listen, that is a sacrifice we'll have to make.

Of course, Chimpler McStankypoll will do next to nothing. And, with his poll numbers in the low thirties, no one will be buying his "unplug the unit from the wall" non-solution that will not get us one step closer to making sure this never happens again.

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