Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Canada to Become Wild West Killing Ground

Aside from the gift of hockey (peace be upon the Edmonton Oilers), Canada has historically given us in the U.S. little reason to look north. Over the past year though, that has begun to change.

Liberal Party corruption led to its demise in the last national election. At the time it was very unclear if the nation had begun to embrace conservative government or if they were simply sending a message about corruption. The latest news out of Canada though, begins to make one wonder if our neighbor to the north has turned a corner.

Canada's gun registry, the epitome of liberal governance, is on the endangered species list.

A new Ipsos Reid survey for CanWest/Global News reports that most Canadians (54%) feel the “gun registry is badly organized, isn’t working properly, and should be scrapped”

It seems that common sense begins to prevail up north. Even better, the rank and file are not blind to the lack of organizational skills among liberals.

* 56% say they would most blame “the former Liberal Government and elected politicians who built the gun registry and oversaw it”, while

* 37% say they would most blame “the government workers who were put in charge of administering the gun registry on a day-to-day basis”.

At this rate, the liberals will have to start moving back to the U.S. pretty soon.

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