Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another Bomb Thrower Misses the Point

Robert Kuttner has some advice for Hillary Clinton. "Stop hanging around with 'far right' destroyers of deeply honest and principled liberalism." It's quite a diatribe really. Kuttner really doesn't like Fox News.

No far-right media enterprise has been more relentlessly dishonest in its efforts to destroy American liberalism in general and the Clintons in particular. Fox was prime cheerleader for the bogus Whitewater investigation and the impeachment campaign against Bill Clinton. Fox exists to oppose every liberal principle that Senator Clinton is accused, perhaps falsely, of standing for.

That's quite a paragraph isn't it? Of course there is no examples of the "dishonesty" of Fox News. Personally, I can't remember the last time they had to run a correction. At the very least, they know there is no military medal called the "Purple Star."

On another note: Does anyone really belive Kuttner would call Whitewater "bogus" were it a Republican accused?

Here's another frothy gem:

You can't imagine the opposite kind of deal happening in American politics, because a left-wing Murdoch doesn't exist.

No, it's just that "far left" filthy rich individuals on the left don't have the stones to do things in the light of day. George Soros funds dishonest leftist enterprises like all the while staying out of the light of day. Innumerable liberal publications operate under the false premise of "objectivity" as well. For instance, Kuttner's own newspaper, along with 100's of others.

Murdoch at least has the courage to put his politics on the big screen for the scrutiny of all. Points are debated, varying points of views expressed. As Tom D. likes to say, Fox News is the only place people get to view reasoned debate from smart liberals like Mara Liasson, Susan Estrich, Bob Beckel, Juan Williams, and others.

On the other hand, MoveOn never subjects itself to honest scrutiny. It just makes it's little commercials depicting Bush as Hitler or children as sweat shop workers and runs and hides. The NYT injects its liberal point of view in news stories every day. They are so bent on it they are facing indictment.

Kuttner is as dishonest as he would like to believe Fox News is. His column aims at nothing more than smearing Fox News without offering a single example of their "dishonesty" or a shred of evidence for its "agenda." Meanwhile, Fox continues to lead all other cable news channels as they have essentially since 9/11. Fewer people than ever, on the other hand, are reading Kuttner's newspaper.

No one illustrates why that is better than Kuttner. I submit that if Kuttner wants to know why his readership is down an astounding 8.5%, he need look no further than his own attack piece today.

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