Monday, April 10, 2006

Steaming Mexicans Not Enough to Raise Temperatures

Despite the "hot under the collar" demonstrations of millions of people who don't have the courage to protest their own government's inability to provide jobs, it appears as though temperatures are falling. In fact, since 1998 the global temperature has actually dipped slightly. Bob Carter characterizes the likely response:

In response to these facts, a global warming devotee will chuckle and say "how silly to judge climate change over such a short period". Yet in the next breath, the same person will assure you that the 28-year-long period of warming which occurred between 1970 and 1998 constitutes a dangerous (and man-made) warming.

In other news, there is a growing hybrid backlash in California.

If you want to get Global Warming back on track, read yesterday's column from Mark Steyn. It will make you hot under the collar.

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