Friday, June 03, 2005

CHRIS' BLOG IS A DAY TO DAY JOURNAL "IN COUNTRY" so to speak. Not much going on recently, but Chris notes a violent sandstorm that rolled through not only the area, but indeed through his tent recently.

When I arrived at camp, my tent looked fine from the outside. When I went inside, it looked as though the storm had taken a detour through my living area. The 80-100mph winds had shaken the walls of the tent so badly that anything within a foot or two of them was knocked over and anything hanging from them was thrown off. The wind also ripped the door open and sand and dust covered everything. I wish I would've taken a picture before I started cleaning, because it was quite the sight.

I wonder what one does after a storm like this. Would you even bother with a broom and a dust pan? Or would you just take down the tent and move to another spot. Chris doesn't say, but he notes that he may have gotten off lucky.

For example, one soldier was in a porta-john when a gust blew it down. It fell onto the door and the mysterious blue liquid and it's contents covered the soldier. As he was trying to exit, the wind blew so hard that the crapper started rolling down the street. When it stopped rolling, it rested once again on the door. The soldier eventually had to kick out the bottom of the john to get out.


Stop in and say hello to Chris and let him know we're thinking about him and his fellow soldiers, whether they be in combat, or just trapped in the crapper.

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