Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Abortionist Eating Fetuses?

A Kansas City abortionist's clinic is described as a "house of horrors" by WorldNetDaily. Among other things, the "doctor" is accused of eating fetuses by former employees.

Topping the list of horrors was an employee's account that she and others witnessed Rajanna "microwave one of the aborted fetuses and stir it into his lunch," as Howard recalled earlier this year when testifying before a Kansas House committee.

The conditions of the clinic left a little to be desired as well.

he did keep fetuses in Styrofoam cups in the refrigerator along with food and drink.

"Dr. Rajanna lacked personal hygiene," testified Howard. "His hair was messy, hands dirty, and his clothing was wrinkled and stained. He put on old, used foot booties while we were there."

Howard testified the clinic was dark, dingy, had poor lighting and smelled musty. There were dirty dishes in the break-room sink and on the table, trash everywhere, and roaches crawling on the countertops. Howard was afraid to sit down.

I thought Roe vs. Wade was supposed to protect women from this kind of thing. All this doctor lacked is a coat-hanger. Frankly, I don't even know what to say.

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