Monday, May 30, 2005

A MEMORIAL DAY ROUNDUP SEEMS LIKE THE thing to do, so I have compiled just a few things that I found over the course of the last few days. No preamble, just this brief introduction.

Charles Grist has this column about the sullying of our military, with this pertinent quote:

In this life, there are those who "talk" and those who "do." The men and women who are willing to stand up and fight for their fellow citizens are the greatest of the doers. They don't achieve the fame of celebrities, but they achieve greatness, nonetheless. They give their hearts, souls, blood and, sometimes, their lives. They deserve only our respect and undying gratitude.

Power Line has a fallen soldier's tribute to his father, which includes this paragraph:

My dad hasn't taught me everything, though. A lot of it I have learned on my own. I've still got a lot to learn, but I have figured out things like how to deal with people I don't like and those who don't like me. I've also learned why, when cutting a frozen bagel, you cut away from yourself. I have the scar to prove it. My dad calls this type of learning "the school of hard knocks." Some of the knocks are harder than others.

LGF reminds that we have a brave ally, trying to carve out a democratic future:

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi police fought pitched battles with insurgents Sunday as thousands of security forces backed by American troops swept through Baghdad’s streets to flush out militants responsible for killing more than 720 people since Iraq’s new government was announced in April.

Republican Jen, with a plethora of links herself, and a sentiment I'm sure we all share today:

God bless all those that have ever served in the military in peace time and in war time. It is because of the soldier that we are the freest nation in the world. I know that if it weren't for them that my line of musicianship would have died long ago. Thank you for keeping the music going!

And finally, en editorial from Investors Business Daily on exploitation:

Again, nothing about this tale diminishes Pat Tillman's heroism. When, after his death, syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall depicted Tillman as an "idiot," editors across the country canceled his strip. But this week, after the Post's nonrevelations, Editor & Publisher magazine asked those editors if they'd reconsider.

Enjoy the day.


Poor Robert said...

Nice post. Have a great day yourself.

RichardRepub said...

How ya doin' Sir? I'd like to thank you and all those that support our military. The 1256 Air Ambulance Unit thanks you all too. I ship this June and it's nice to see the support.