Tuesday, May 31, 2005

FURTHER EVIDENCE THAT DEMOCRATS ARE UNABLE TO think down the road, there is a mad rush of representatives to disclose trips financed by special interests in the wake of this report from the AP, which I received from my favorite film-maker.

At least 43 House members and dozens of aides failed to publicly report travel financed by special interests until Majority Leader Tom DeLay's trips were scrutinized, an Associated Press review shows.

Despite a rule requiring public disclosure within 30 days after a trip's conclusion, the AP found at least 198 recently filed travel reports that were as much as eight years late.

The mad queen herself is reporting almost a dozen trips, which is more than twice that of Tom DeLay.

Staff members for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., disclosed 11 prior trips, while staff members for DeLay, R-Texas, had four. Rep. John Linder (news, bio, voting record) of Georgia, a former chairman of the House Republican campaign organization, belatedly filed nine trips, as did Rep. Maxine Waters (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif.

So, if Tom DeLay is "above the law" for his actions, according to Pelosi herself, I guess that would make her above the law times three?

I love it when witch-hunts come back and bite Democrats in the rear end.


MorallyDepraved1 said...

I think they all should have to answer Republican and Democrat alike. I'll be fair about this in saying that they all should be called on the issue. However the republican party did attempt to change rules soley in an effort to shield delay (which in my opinion was a bad choice, since both Democrats and Republicans both cried foul). Don't you agree? Oh yes, the A.C.L.U., I was teasing about being your enemy. However whether you admit it or not, if there was a group trying to supress religion the A.C.L.U. would be there to scream for the peoples right to believe as they wish. Anti religious? Socialist? Anti religious-take over yes, i'll buy that. socialist? no more than the radical christian right, you read the article on my blog about Christians against gay marriage, if anything could be compared to socialism it is that article. Now before you start the Mental midget stuff on me again I did,t say all Christians and/or GOP are socialist. I refer to the crazies on the radical far right.

Teaparty said...
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Teaparty said...

You say the ACLU is against a religious takeover, but there is absolutely no evidence of a religious take-over anywhere. That is, unless you call haveing "Christmas concerts" at a public school a take-over, or manger scenes on public property a religious take-over.

As a matter of fact, the ACLU picks and chooses it's cases bases on idealogy and I don't believe for one minute that they would protect a religious persons right to worship, unless that person were a muslim or a wiccan.

Here's what the ACLU's founder Roger Baldwin had to say on the subject of socialism:

"I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately for abolishing the State itself as an instrument of violence and compulsion. I seek the social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied class, and sole control of those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal."

From the National Federation for Decency Journal, September 1988. Page 9.

I would dearly love to see any evidence you have that makes a case that the "religious right" is socialist. Being against gay marriage is not socialist. In light of the inequalities it would create between men and women it is just good sense.

In the meantime, you have just joined one of the most socialist, anti-American groups in the country. They defend child molesters right to publish ways to get away with it, and terrorists right to be recognized by our consititution.

If you can live with that, wonderful. I sure couldn't.

Morallydepraved1 said...

Hmmm/ maybe the founder did say these things, however people join for different reasons, I havent yet received anything asking me to believe these ideas. Furthermore people say things, remember good o'l tommy DeLay? Didnt he make remarks that implied that the federal courts should no longer be separate, and should have to answer for what they rule? I highly doubt you believe that the courts should be made to answer, and other republicans backed away from his comments, even president Bush who has been one of deLays biggest supporters. I bring this up to, well you are intelligent ( if you werent I wouldnt give you the finger let alone debate you) you see the point in the reference. I don't want my children being taught religion in school, the A.C.L.U. fights for my right not to be forced to subject my child to what I believe is myth, and often times ignorance and hate. Oh yes, and pat "I" would fight for your right to be christian as would so many others who believe in the words
(American Civil Liberties). Do you seek to judge us all by the words of a single person? I can compromise my friend you want to teach of Jesus and the christian way in Schools fine, teach all religions as equal and as "theory". Teachers may not outwardly support any religion or tell anyone those religions are true. You find a way to teach such things in a neutral manner then I am fine with it. However this not going to satisfy those who want such things taught, you know it and I know it.There is a separation of church and state, if we allow public state run schools to teach religion(s) as fact then the state is supporting/promoting religion. We have churches so people can believe what they wish, as they wish, on their own time, however they want. we also have "private" schools to promote religion and education together. I can choose not to send my child to such a school, however public school is then my only option other than home schooling and why should I pick up the burden just because christians want "everything" thier way? Trust me tepoor if you ever need someone to defend your right to be a christian, or anything else let me know I will be at back screaming for your rights. You are my fellow citizen, fellow man, and fellow American. I only hope you would do the same for me; even if I disagree with you (which is often)I would fight for your rights! Maybe you should meet a few of us you will see we are far from the leftist radicals who make the headlines, kinda like saying everyone who believes in religion is the David Koresh type. It's just not so!!! I just want all things equal, I wish to preserve your rights (as long as they arent oppressive to other people, such as gay marriage)while preserving mine as well, is that or isnt that fair? However I still believe that we have to evolve as a society (remember previous debate?).

(I have more to write but its late and i've been up for over 20 hours so until next time)

hey Pat, since we are friends you can call me Julius.

MorallyDepraved1 said...
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Teaparty said...

Kind of a long-winded sucker aren't you?

Perhaps you can supply me with these public schools that are mandating religious education? Or, a list of pending federal legislation that would mandate religious teachings in public school?

It isn't "one single person" that I quoted, Julius, it was the founder of the ACLU. The man whose philosophies are the anchor of the organization.

You have been swallowing too much hype from the ACLU. Here are some of the "great American" battles they are currently fighting, from it's own "Policy Issues" manual.

the legalization of prostitution (Policy 211);

the defense of all pornography, including CHILD PORN, as "free speech" (Policy 4);

the decriminalization and legalization of all drugs (Policy 210);

the promotion of homosexuality (Policy 264);

the opposition of rating of music and movies (Policy 18);

opposition against parental consent of minors seeking abortion (Policy 262);

opposition of informed consent preceding abortion procedures (Policy 263);

opposition of spousal consent preceding abortion (Policy 262);

opposition of parental choice in children's education (Policy 80)

By their own words, they would not support people using private schools. They also fight to keep porn on public library computers and the rights of child molesters to publish "tips" for evading capture and manipulating children into sex acts.

I could literally go on for hours.

Stop buying leftist hype. It's boring, and if I may say so without unduly offending you, it's a waste of my time.

If you want to support this extremely anti-American organization that's your business. If your goal is to come over here and tell what a great idea it is, save your breath. I have been following the organization for quite some time and am perfectly aware of what they are about.

That you do not is your problem.

BTW...They will be the first to defend childrens access to the XXX suffix that you think is wrong, and they are almost certainly behind the banning of the "Easter Bunny," which you thought was so stupid a couple of months ago. If not, then they certainly agree with the sentiment.